The Police in Ealing

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  • Emergency - always dial 999 textphone 18000
  • Non-emergency - dial 101 textphone 18001 101

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These pages are produced in association with the Ealing Borough division of the Metropolitan Police.

Ealing Police Website

Crime Prevention Information

Top tips for preventing burglary

Keeping safe on the streets

Signs of trouble for burglars in Ealing - New initiative using warning signs marks start of campaign to cut burglary in crime 'hotspot' area in the borough

Ealing Police warn residents: 'Don't be so revealing'
Mobile billboard to increase vehicle crime awareness

Who's that knocking at my door?

Don't be taken in by con-men knocking at the door

Common-sense advice on keeping trouble free over the holidays

Domestic violence will not be tolerated
Help is at hand, say Ealing Police

Summer time Burglary Advice
Don't give thieves an open invitation

Unlicensed cabs are 'death trap' say police

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