General Election - Meet The Greens

Introducing the candidates standing in Ealing

Ealing Green Party has announced its full team of parliamentary candidates for Ealing in the forthcoming general election.  The three candidates are Suneil Basu, Sarah Edwards and Christopher Warleigh-Lack.


Suneil Basu

Ealing Southall

Sarah Edwards

Ealing Central and Acton

Christopher Warleigh-Lack

Ealing North

He has lived in the constituency for most of his life. Suneil works as a teacher in a local comprehensive school. He has served the community as a school governor and as a teachers’ union representative.

Suneil has a keen interest in encouraging healthier and sustainable lifestyles as well as education. He has been an active campaigner for better cycling provision and is a coach for London’s largest youth cycling club.

Suneil said “This election comes at a time when everyone is worried about the economy. We want to ensure more people can get work and do the essential jobs that are crying out to be done. We are fighting for an immediate investment package of £44 billion to create a million new jobs – for vital work such as improving public transport and providing free insulation in every UK home”.


Sarah has lived in the constituency for 12 years and has represented the Green Party in local, national and London Assembly elections. At the Local Council elections in May, she will also be a candidate for Walpole ward.

Sarah manages a service for a national charity which helps victims of crime. She has been active in the green movement for many years, campaigning on social justice and environmental issues. Sarah was a founder member of a recycling co-op in west London and has served as a union representative.

Sarah said “One of the main themes in our election campaign will be creating a fairer society. We think it’s clearly unfair that irresponsible bankers can earn extortionate salaries while so many people live in poverty and can barely make ends meet.  So we want to tackle the growing gap between rich and poor. As part of this we are seeking a ‘living wage’ for low paid workers and a decent basic pension for all”.

Christopher lives in Hanwell and is a professional architectural historian, currently working for the heritage charity Historic Royal Palaces. He is involved in voluntary work with the deaf community and studying for a higher degree.

Christopher has particularly campaigned for civil liberties and has been very active in the campaign to end airport expansion.

Christopher said “Some people think the Green Party’s policies are only about the environment, because we have the best environmental policies. But I’m proud to say that we have excellent policies in all areas!  On health for example, we have detailed policies on improving services and stemming the tide of privatisation, as well as creating a healthier environment. One of our priorities is providing free dental care and we are fighting to make sure services are truly local, not centralised”.



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March 24th, 2010