Table Plans - Fantastic Bargains Right Around The Corner

Let the local table top sale season begin

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Forget ebay for the next few summer months and let your legs do the walking...

You won't have to go far to nab yourself a bargain as Ealing's resident sellers get ready to set their stall out.

Here are the first of what is bound to be many street sales. If you're hosting one, or know of any in the area, send all the information into and we'll make sure everyone else knows about it.

Warwick Road, W5 - Saturday 30th June from 10am to 2pm Welcome to the great Warwick Road street sale - 13th year running - bargains galore -no road block, everyone sets up in their front gardens or parking space

The Polygon, St Mary's Church - 11am-3pm - All kinds of everything!

Enfield Road, Brentford - Sunday 17th June, 11am to 2pm At least 18 houses are involved and there will be loads of bargains, soft drinks, cakes etc for sale in aid of various charities.

January 7, 2009