Skyriding in Ealing

Thousands enjoy a day of car free cycling

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Ealing has never seen the like. Thousands of young and old yellow jacket wearing cyclists taking control of the roads - just for one day.

The lack of consultation over the SkyRide may have caused issues for some local residents but everyone who got on their bikes today appeared to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

A few more food tents in the festival village at Lammas Park would have been welcome - cycling makes people really hungry - but that was probably my only real gripe.

I'm a fairweather cyclist (and a nervous one) so this nice flat route which took us around some of the prettier parts of central Ealing on a sunny and breezy afternoon was a very pleasant way of spending a Sunday.

Rod De St Croix from Brentford missed Hounslow's event last year but was pleased he got the chance to do this one. He thinks the idea is a winner and said:

''It's great to have a day when you can go out with your whole family and feel completely safe on two wheels.''

Stuart Hughes from Drayton Gardens has written to

''Many thanks to those residents of Ealing who, willingly or otherwise, gave up their parking spaces or had nearby roads closed for the Ealing Skyride.

''Before the event a small band of naysayers were vocal in their opposition to the event. Their concerns are understandable. On the day, however, thousands of people -- including myself -- turned out for a fantastic celebration of cycling.

''For my three and a half year old son and the hundreds of other children I saw taking part, the Ealing Skyride was a chance to enjoy a healthy and active day out with the family. Hopefully the cycling habit will stay with them for a lifetime. For my wife, who hasn't been on her bike for more than 20 years, the Skyride was a rare opportunity to build her cycling confidence on safe, traffic-free streets.

''I am not a militant member of the anti-petrol brigade. Like most cyclists I also own and use a car. For one day out of the year, however, it was a delight to be able to enjoy the borough on two wheels without fear of being cut up or knocked down.

''Here's hoping Ealing can welcome the Skyride back in 2011.''

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Did you do the Skyride? What did you think?


18 July 2010

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