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A contrasting double-bill in the studio

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Box and Cox

Have I None

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20 Nov - 23 November

Edward Bond's Have I None is a drama set in a collapsing society. How would you react if the structure of your life was kicked away? Can human beings survive without memory and personal attachment? Is Bond’s drama a vision of the future or is it already with us?

"A short, sharp shocker of a play, shot through with a dark, frenzied comedy" The Guardian

In contrast, Box and Cox is an entertaining Victorian farce, set in a rooming house bedsit which has been let to two young men, one who works at night, the other during the day. Their landlady collects double rent by ensuring they never meet - until events intervene and comic mayhem erupts.

"One of the most successful farces of the 19th century" Spectator

Have I None suitable for ages 14+


20th November 2013