Spencer Perceval Plaque Unveiled

Ealing resident and Prime Minister commemorated

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Left to right: Reverend Nicholas Henderson, Elizabeth Perceval, and Councillor David Scott.


The Life and Death of Ealing Prime Minister Spencer Perceval

Ealing Civic Society


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A special green plaque recognising one of Ealing's most famous historical resident has been unveiled by his great great great grandaughter at All Saints Church.

Spencer Perceval was Prime Minister from 1809 until he was assassinated in 1812 at the age of 49.
John Bellingham who held a grudge against the government for a failed business venture shot Perceval in the House of Commons. He was tried and hanged within seven days of the shooting.
In 1808, Perceval and his family (he had 12 children) had moved to a large mansion called Elm Grove, on the south side of Ealing Common, and it was from here that he made
his final, fateful trip to the House of Commons.

Ealing Civic Society is building up its collection of commemorative green wall plaques and bronze pavement plaques recognising famous people or historic buildings in the borough.

The aim is to complement the existing collection of English Heritage Blue Plaques.

The Plaque was unveiled in a special service by Elizabeth Perceval-the great great great granddaughter of the former Prime Minister.










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