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Photo exhibition where you don't just say 'cheese' - you get to taste it too

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Take a look at Ealing from a few different perspectives in a photo exhibition in West Ealing.

For the last ten weeks students on OPEN Ealing's Monday evening digital photography class have been honing their skills and learning how to get the best out of their cameras.

The last Monday session of the autumn run will see them displaying some of their work at the Green Man Lane Café, from 6.00pm on December 8th.

The show, entitled Life in the Queen of the Suburbs,will cover themes such as A Child's-Eye View, Colours of Ealing, Enduring Ealing and Northfields Noir.

Running the course have been two professional photographers associated with the University of West London, in St. Mary's Road.

Monika Drzewicz has made a name for herself on the British photography scene after arriving in Ealing from her native Poland a few years ago. She has exhibited all over the country, including at Pitzhanger Manor in Ealing, and drew particular attention with her Solitude and Fallen Angels series of quirky studio-based portraits

Lauren Rooney began her career in fashion photography, but has now moved on to taking commissions from clients such as carmaker Porsche . Some of their work will be on view too.

Cheddar Deli of Northfield Avenue will be on hand too giving you an opportunity to taste Brent Wilkinson’s recommendation of what cheeses to have this Christmas. If you are a lover of cheese, or a patron of Cheddar Deli, you will be delighted to have an opportunity to taste the selection and discuss the finer points of cheese with Brent.

All are welcome to come along, try some cheese, and perhaps get inspired by the work on display.

Date: Monday 8th December 2014
Time: 6-9pm
Where: Green Man Lane Café, Singapore Road, West Ealing W13 0EP
Admission: Free

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3rd December 2014