Muse Of Fire at Shakespeare's Globe

A theatrical experience like nothing you've ever seen before

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Shakespeare's Globe


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There's still time to sprinkle some theatrical magic into the kids' holiday - and take a look around some of the previously unseen (by the public) areas of Shakepeare's Globe.

Muse of Fire isn't like any other children's theatre show - so be prepared!

It's suitable for six to 11 - although be warned it's not for the faint hearted and younger ones or those of a more sensitive nature might be a little wary of this unusually creative event.

It's an interactive, on the move hunt for clues as to what could have burnt down the original Globe 400 years ago and a group attempt to prevent it happening again.

Muse takes the audience on a journey around the new playhouse with some very enthusiastic tour guides and wonderful actors (Matthew Blake, Tom Giles,Woody Murray, Lanna Joffrey Sally Lofthouse, Gwilym Lawrence, Roger Lade) encouraging everyone to join in. Adults would be best advised to leave inhibitions at home though and throw themselves into the spirit of the adventure ahead.

There are a variety of experiences and magical characters to discover before this very unique show ends in the rather wonderful Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

I won't give too much away - as that would spoil it - but it's not difficult to see how Muse of Fire has achieved a top award in 2013 of Best Family Event in the Family Arts Festival.

My youngest (nearly 7) was transfixed, it was certainly a marvellous and innovative introduction to Shakespeare and The Globe. I look foward to seeing more such high calibre productions.

It's running until 27th August with performances daily at 11am and 2pm with an extra 4.30pm showing over Bank Holiday weekend on Saturday 23 and Monday 25th.

Tickets are £10 for children and £12.50 for adults available at



20th August 2014