Ealing Community Champs Recognised

Reception at House of Commons for two local women

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Audrey Jones, Sharmila Chowdhury with Ed Milliband and Rupa Huq



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Two of Ealing's 'local heroes' have been  celebrated at at reception at the House of Commons.

Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Ealing Central and Acton, Dr Rupa Huq, took the pair meet Labour leader Ed Miliband, who was there to honour community champions from across the country.

Audrey Jones, a resident of Hanger Hill, is 85 years old and was commended for her work as a probation officer and playgroup worker. Audrey grew up in Notting Hill and delivered Labour leaflets with her parents in west London at the 1945 General Election - she is looking forward to voting again this year on what will be a 70th anniversary.

She said: “May 7th 1945 is the day Peace was officially declared and as a 14 year old schoolgirl I wanted to see how the men and women who had suffered five years of war were going to change things for the better.''

Sharmila Chowdhury she lives in Ealing Broadway and was recognised for her decision to expose malpractice at Ealing hospital.

She said: “It was a great evening. I had such a wonderful time.”

Ed Miliband and other members of the Shadow Cabinet chatted with Audrey and Sharmila. He said: “These people are not only role models to their local communities, but to the whole nation”.

Dr Huq said: “This was a great opportunity to recognise the work that both Audrey and Sharmila have done in Ealing across the sectors of child care, justice and health. It is the sort of occasion that I'm sure all attendees and certainly I will remember for years to come”.


20th January 2015