Ickenham 5 Race Report

Ealing Southall & Middlesex runners

Twenty local club members of Ealing Southall & Middlesex ( ESM) took part in the Ickenham 5 mile race on Sunday, part of the road race championship series. Weather conditions were good, and the course is flat, though the start and finish over 200m of unmown grass in Swakeleys Park was a less popular feature.

Nick Steel was first home for us, placing seventh and taking the best part of a minute from his previous best. It was a good weekend for him, as he also set a 5000m PB at the SAL match in Kingston on Saturday. In 14th, Mark Kencroft took over a minute from his best, while new member Jez Etherington showed great promise in his first race. Other men completing their first 5 mile race were Marcus Cook, Sean Hill and U20 Zachary Prince. Ian Leslie may claim the biggest PB – nearly six minutes – while conversely Phil York was left reminiscing about the days when he could run 5 miles in 25 minutes.

The women took the team award, the scoring three once again comprising Sarah Gerrie, Catherine Gunnewicht and Leanne Smith (below).

ESM runners

Sarah was in fourth for the early part of the race but ran strongly in the second lap, overhauling another female in a personal best time. Leanne clocked her first 5 miler, while Catherine was pleased to finish well under 40 minutes. Not far behind her, Beverley Packwood finished inside 40 minutes for the first time. Nilu Dewan achieved the biggest PB among the women – well over four minutes – while Sophie Pesticcio and Pringla Awale Rai also recorded significant progress.


ESM results summary (chip times):
7 Nick Steel 28:46; 14 Mark Kencroft (M45) 30:04; 22 Jez Etherington (M40) 31:15; 30 Marcus Cook 32:24; 42 Ian Leslie (M55) 33:50; 51 Jav Sondh 34:44; 56 Phil York (M50) 35:27; 64 Sean Hill 36:10; 98 Zachary Prince (MU20) 39:29; 110 Darren Halford (M40) 40:12; 154 Philip Prince (M55) 45:24
Women (position within women’s field):
3 Sarah Gerrie 33:45; 5 Leanne Smith 35:07; 11 Cath Gunnewicht (W45) 39:24; 13 Bev Packwood (W40) 39:53; 15 Pat Thomas (W50) 40:24; 18 Louise Prince (W45) 41:41; 25 Sophie Pesticcio (W40) 42:45; 33 Pringla Awale Rai 44:54; 63 Nilu Dewan (W40) 49:07



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23rd June 2016







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