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Ealing Half Marathon

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Ealing Half Marathon

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I had my first (and hopefully last) nightmare about the Ealing Half Marathon whilst on holiday recently.

Perhaps being by the sea had something to do with it. I dreamt that the route took us over some very precarious cliffs (in Ealing? What an imagination) and, looking down into the swirling waters below I was terrified and couldn't budge any further.

I woke up in a sweat thinking it had to be a message, and decided then and there that I wouldn't run this year.

But, being stubborn (ok.. tenacious is a better word) and not one to give up easily, I am ignoring that huge negative demon, and, as the slogan goes I shall 'Just Do It'.  Ealing Today is also the official media supporter of the Ealing Half Marathon so I sort of feel I really should.

My aim last year was to start and finish. It took me forever and nearly everyone had gone home when I completed - but I did it.

This year I simply want to try and run a bit more of the route and finish ever so slightly sooner.

However I need some positive motivation to get me through those 13.1 miles because the battle is not just one of fitness (which is another story) it's mental attitude.

Do you listen to any motivational music or inspirational speakers on your marathon runs?

Have you ever tried hypnosis? How do you turn down that incessant voice that says 'you can't do it'?

Any tips to get me to that finish line very welcome.


30 days until Ealing Half Marathon .. don't panic!!!!



Annemarie Flanagan


29th August 2013





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