The Reluctant Runner Returns.. Possibly

Ealing Half Marathon - shall I or shan't I?


Ealing Half Marathon

Ealing Half Marathon - A Huge Success

Diary of a Reluctant Runner

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When I saw this yesterday (31st July) I panicked.

Where on earth has that year gone?

I can't believe the second Ealing Half Marathon is nearly upon us, and am having major wobbles.

If you read any of my somewhat pained diary entries from last year you will realise I am not, never have been, nor ever will be a 'real' runner.

But I somehow managed to be part of the inaugural race - and got round the 13.1 miles - because I said I would start and finish in whatever time it took.

I'm glossing over the fact that I walked most of it and was very nearly the last to finish but I still did it and that made me very happy.

So, a while back those kind people at Ealing Half Marathon HQ invited me to take part again and in a fit of madness I said I would. But now it's getting close - a reality rather than an idea - and I'm wondering why on earth I said yes.

I have all the same reasons why I shouldn't do it as I did last time with an added one to throw in - plantar fasciitis.

The negatives are there in abundance - I'm not remotely fit enough, am a year older, don't run when its hot, when it's raining or run at all if I can avoid it.

Having done it once already I know how hard it is.


And there it is again. This nagging little voice that tells me I need to be part of this.

Why can't I just watch and cheer from the sidelines or volunteer as many are and more are still needed?

Because I remember what a fabulous day it was and that feeling of having achieved something I never dreamed I could.

I was elated when I finished and although I said 'never again' I'm now thinking 'Could I?' 'Should I?' I can't be any slower than last year so, well, maybe....just maybe...

What do you think? Are you taking part for the first time this year?

Please send words of encouragement, any advice or feel free just tell me to leave it to the real runners. I will decide soon. Watch this space....

Annemarie Flanagan




1st August 2013



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