Having a Laugh at The Drayton: Review

Friday 11th June

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Carey Marx

The Drayton Court, 2 The Avenue, Ealing W13 8PH.


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I’d forgotten what a nice, honest boozer The Drayton is.

A few relaxing beers on the terrace was just the thing to put us in the right frame of mind for an evening of stand up downstairs.

On a lovely summer’s evening, it did seem a shame to eschew the sunshine and troop down into the basement but I’m guessing that the comedy club gets a share of the takings from the bar downstairs so, needs must ……

Having been told that the doors opened at 8.15 we duly trooped down then – only to still be waiting one and a quarter hours later …. and even though there was some good music to fill the gap, that did seem a bit over long.

Anyway, on the bill were Stephen Carlin and Carey Marx – both previewing their upcoming Edinburgh shows - and a “mystery act” – all under the direction of M.C. and promoter Phil Zimmerman.

Given that there was World Cup footie on the telly, it wasn’t a bad turn out with around 100 there.

Eventually things got under way and Stephen Carlin ambled onto the stage. Although he looked kinda awkward at first - almost embarrassed to be on stage – he quickly warmed into his routine and he was soon displaying a crisp, dry delivery.

There were particularly hilarious sections about astronaut Buzz Aldrin admitting to not having had a drink for over 20 years to a bemused British audience, Britain’s obsession with having both double-decker buses AND low bridges with the inevitable accidents and the tribulations of flying with a particular budget airline. He also had a very good, two-way banter going with the audience, coping well with some witty heckles. Overall though, the act did feel a bit stretched at times and he’ll need to do a spit and polish before going on stage in Edinburgh.

Next up were Brian Damage & Krysstal a musical double act that I’d never seen before. The premise is nothing new: ageing & lecherous singer with his scatterbrained, over the hill “glamorous” assistant. But the deadpan humour was funny in a daft way and really worked, plus their timing was spot on - testament I think to a lot of hours rehearsals. And, when Mr Damage went off “for a fag” Krysstal had the spotlight for herself and proved she was every bit his equal. I don’t think I shall ever forget her trying to find the right pitch for her song - with a fork and a vibrator, but this being a family-oriented website ………. I shouldn’t go into more detail.

And finally, the headline act, Carey Marx. Sadly the evening was running so late by then, that some people had left. Sad because they missed watching an extremely gifted comedian honing his act in front of their eyes. Honest from the start; he confessed that he had been busy in Australia and not even written his Edinburgh stuff yet – all he had were some notes scrawled in a large notebook.
So off he went on a ramble that took us through crop circles, UFOlogists and conspiracy theorists, even some live Uri Geller style spoon bending and card tricks. You could almost hear the cogs turning in his head as he took in what was getting laughs and what wasn’t, Most was, though some left me scratching my head – especially an over long section at the end about a séance which bored me so much I rather wished I was on the ‘other side’. He’s definitely one to watch though.

The next comedy night is after the World Cup on July 9th with Simon Nunnery. If you see me on the terrace outside before it starts – mine’s a vodka and tonic

Viv Ellis


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June 15, 2010


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