Don't Miss Dina the Donkey in West Ealing

Nativity in the market Saturday 15th December


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Come along with your family this Saturday (15th December) to meet Dina, a real live donkey, in the Nativity in the Market. Dina and the nativity players will start off their tour of West Ealing in Dean Gardens at around 12.15pm, make their way to the farmers' market in Leeland Road for 12.30, then on to Melbourne Ave for around 1.30pm and will reach St James Ave and the craft market for 2.15pm.

At each stop children will act out scenes from the nativity play and everyone can join in, sing carols and take part in this family event to celebrate and enjoy being part of our local community.

Programme for December 15th

11.30-12.30: The Westside youth centre is fielding a great hour of local young people ‘doing their thing’. Westside says: ‘Cross Culture presents a showcase of Ealing’s undiscovered young talent. Musicians of all genres emerge into the limelight fresh from rehearsals at Westside Young People’s Centre’s studio aiming to impress and inspire. The performers have been taking part in a project called Bandform funded by the Youth in Action programme in partnership with Ealing Council’s Youth & Connexions Service. The project seeks to make music a mechanism for youth empowerment, integration and participation.’

12.15 (at Sylvester’s) then at the market 12.30-1.30: ’The Four Wise Men a barbershop quartet which means that they sing four part harmony without instruments in the barbershop style. They sing a variety of songs, pop, traditional barbershop, jazz, do-wop and hard core Belgian trance (well we lied about the last one). They might be persuaded to sing a couple of corny Christmas carols. They consist of: Phil on bass – manly singing from the short bald one; Rob on baritone, keeping it all together; Julian on lead – he sings the tune, if he can remember it; John on tenor, he’s the one that sings like a big girl’s blouse. They sing for love, money and racing tips. They can be booked for weddings, christenings, bar mitzvahs, divorces, funerals, open heart surgery, employment tribunals and bear baiting events.’

1.30-2pm: Slightly Mysterious Carols from a fusion of St James’s church worship team and the local folk scene.

2.15 -3.15pm: The Nativity – there will be Herod on a stepladder, there will be Dina the donkey (touring West Ealing beforehand – look out for the mobile sound wagon) – the old, old story portrayed in the market place – and you (bring a teatowel or crown or sheep onesie, grab a passing songsheet and just make sure you’ve got that camera!)

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