Ealing Meets Chile

Photographic show at Riverside Studios

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Excursions: Riverside Studios Gallery
Crisp Road
W6 9RL


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Ealing photographer Andrew Meredith, 29, has opened his new solo exhibition at Riverside Studios gallery unveiling a 9 square foot print in the window of the arts centre.

The large print centre piece adorns the glass façade of Riverside Studios, depicting a cityscape in Chile before the country suffered devastating effects during the shattering earthquake in February this year.

The photographs that make up Excursions document the culturally diverse, beautiful countries South and Central America. The route, mainly by road, unplanned and impulsive, avoids the obvious tourist traps with the intention of finding huge, sprawling cityscapes and everyday scenes all with an undertone of mystery.

“This particular photo means a lot to me because I visited a Chilean family in their home very near the Lider supermarket in 2009. During the quake, parts of their home were destroyed and they told me that life in the neighbourhood has changed profoundly as a result. I am humbled by this experience - a life that seemed so normal then changed irrevocably in mere minutes.”

“This photo, blown up and in a public space makes the Chilean experience serve both a reminder that humanity is fragile and that we need to respect our home, planet Earth. But as the image is so uplifting, it should also be a sign of hope that in bad times, like the current economic crisis we have to look ahead and be optimistic.”

All works are for sale, and in aid of the Chile Disaster Relief, Meredith auctions some of his works online please go to: www.meredithphoto.com.

Riverside Studios Gallery
Crisp Road
W6 9RL

22 June – 10 July
Open daily 9am – 11pm
Entry free


30 June 2010

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