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February's theme is Society

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Within society we have many organized groups of people coming together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other reasons. These films look at some of those aspects and how we interact with society. How then does society interact with us? We look at a trial where it is unclear what is the crime; a man's obsession with filming his local neighbourhood society; racism within society and choosing sides within a patriotic society. Thrilling and mesmerising, watching the interaction and evolution of our 'human society', through these selection of memorable classic films.

Friday 6th February

118 minutes 
directed by Orson Welles 
starring Anthony Perkins, Orson Welles, Jeanne Moreau, Romy Schneider

Orson Welles called it the best movie he ever made. The Trial is based on Franz Kafka's story of a man named K. who is charged guilty with a crime that is never explained to us. Not even K. knows what he has done.

The Trial is truly affecting in all the ways that make a successful movie. It stuns your eyes and ears with its imaginative playfulness, and it swirls around inside your brain , taking bits and pieces from your own personal nightmares and sharing them with K. It's one of Welles' greatest achievements and should not be missed.

Friday 13th February

In association with the Ealing Music and Film Festival
117 minutes
directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski
starring Jerzy Stuhr

A man buys an 8mm camera to capture family home movies, then moves on to documenting his town and workplace, encountering the censorship, capability and responsibility of the artist as his hobby develops into an obsession.

From the director who went on to make the 'Dekalog', 'The Double Life of Veronique' and the 'Three Colours' trilogy, the film won top prizes at film festivals in Poland, Moscow, Berlin and Chicago.

Friday 20th February

95 minutes
directed by Michael Roemer
starring Ivan Dixon, Abbey Lincoln, Julius Harris, Yaphet Kotto

An African-American couple's search for independence, respect and dignity is challenged by racism. Made independently in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement, and featuring a soundtrack of Motown music, it is "one of the most sensitive films about black life ever made in this country".

With music by Martha and the Vandellas, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, and Mary Wells.

The Venice Film Festival awarded the film the San Giorgio Prize as "especially important for the progress of civilization."

Friday 27th February
Produced by Will Barker, founder of Ealing Studios
directed by Bert Haldane and F. Martin Thornton
starring Blanche Forsythe, Roy Travers and Robert Purdie.

A live music event on the 100 year centenary of this landmark film. 

With a new score by Ealing's own Laura Rossi's, performed live by her ensemble Orchestra Celeste.

JANE SHORE was the first British epic, made in 1915 will be shown on large screen in Ealing's historic Victoria Hall in Ealing Town Hall. BFI has just released this restored film and we believe this to be the first screening in the UK in its centenary celebration. Let alone with a live performance! 

More details on our website. Advance tickets are recommended and are available on out ticket page at

 In summary JANE SHORE is a spectacular production, employing thousands of extras in some scenes, and deals with a period of English history in which internal conflict prevailed, in the Wars of the Roses. It is an adaptation of the 1714 play The Tragedy of Jane Shore by Nicholas Rowe and is based on the life of Jane Shore, the mistress of Edward IV. 

This landmark British epic, was filmed in part, at our very own Ealing Studios. 

Please contact us for any questions on 074 1175 1965 or email

3rd February 2015