Film Stars Take a 'Brilliant' Cookery Class

Viv Ellis joins 'Amar, Akbar and Tony' actors in Southall

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Rez Kempton


Martin Delaney

Martin hands over the twenty pounds to Rez

Amar Akbar and Tony



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Most actors have spare time on their hands ‘resting’ in between projects. Cameron Diaz likes snowboarding, Nicolas Cage collects comics, Tom Hanks collects typewriters.

To settle a bet made on the set while they were filming, two of the stars of the recently released comedy, “Amar, Akbar and Tony” recently ended up at a cookery class at Southall’s Brilliant restaurant.

Rez Kempton and Martin Delaney had challenged one another as to who was the better cook. ”In the film my character runs a restaurant’' said Rez, “so we started talking about what it would be like to run one in real life.”

 “Then it escalated into which of us could cook” chipped in Martin, “so we booked in here so a proper professional could judge once and for all.”

And this was no joke. There was twenty quid at stake.

The restaurant runs cookery courses hosted by Dipna Anand - fast becoming a celebrity chef - who helps run the family restaurant which is highly regarded by fellow celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey.

Rez and Martin joined 10 others who were guided, step by step, through the making of several dishes including tandoori lamb chops, chicken tikka, chick peas and potato and a salad for the five-a-day thing.

Martin’s family are part Burmese so he’s used to his Mum spending hours cooking for the family and Rez is equally used to Punjabi cuisine. Neither looked remotely challenged and seemed to find everything fairly simple.

But what would Dipna think?

 “This is tough” she laughed, “I think Martin’s looks a bit more appetising, but for taste Rez just clips it.”

 “Amar Akbar & Tony” is out now, it’s an independent movie so limited cinemas but you can catch it at Cineworld Acton / Feltham / Wembley / Edgware and Vue Harrow.

 For details of the cookery courses see


Viv Ellis

15th April 2015