New Comedy Night Is Sell Out

Viv Ellis checks out Bearcat Comedy at The Viaduct

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Milton Jones


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Hanwell’s Bearcat comedy club at The Viaduct pub on Uxbridge Rd, had its opening night on Friday (12th) and was packed.

The gig, at this popular local watering hole, was in the newly re-furbished upstairs function room, which is now kitted out with its own small bar. So in the numerous “beer breaks” during the evening, you could get refreshment there – or nip downstairs to the pub itself.

Packed house and packed line up. There were four main comics, two of which I’d seen before and two I hadn’t and all four attracted lots of good-natured heckling. The professionals mostly came off the best though that did depend somewhat on how far into the evening it was and the amount of lady petrol that had been consumed (possibly by both sides).

First up was Andy White, like me a Brummie (and therefore instantly loveable). Looking like an escapee from the ‘70s with an enormous Afro hairdo, he had a killer, cheeky smile so even if he told a slightly off-kilter joke the grin that followed had us all on his side. A mixture of silly gags and equally silly voices, his comedy spanned personal – dealing with his posh brother in law, or a birthing pool right up to date topical; “There's a corner of Heaven reserved for Ian Paisley”(whose death had just been announced),“ whether God wants it or not.”

Another new name for me was Luke Graves. His act revolved a lot about relationships. We heard how when drunk he’d proposed to his girlfriend on Facebook (her Mum ‘liked’ it) and a strange stag do he’d arranged involving fish pedicures. Funny but not outstanding.

Paul Myrehaug is a successful Canadian stand up that you might have seen on TV. He makes you laugh at things you feel guilty about finding funny. Like his hanging around at tube stations just as the last train is due to leave in order to pick up girls who are drunk and panicking about not being able to get home. Or how he fills his time in between gigs by going to banks with fictitious business plans and asking for loans for “Midget Rental” companies or causing havoc with old ladies in his local “Sains-berries” supermarket.

The headline act was the ‘King of the one liners’, Milton Jones (one of the celebs who re tweeted the #Find Alice appeal).

He’s got crazy zombie-like hair (that looks like mine does first thing in the morning) and from the off he delivered a relentless series of puns and gags in his trade mark expressionless and slightly overanxious style.

“Our Prime Minister is totally out of touch. But that’s Gordon Brown for you”

‘My parents were failed magicians, I have two half sisters”

and my personal Gag Of The Night. “If Scottish people vote to leave Britain, where are they going to live?”

I struggle to tell one joke, how he remembers all his act is a mystery.

An open mic spot from Angus Dunican , was a big hit with the crowd and so he’s due to be invited back.

A well-organised, enjoyable night which should guarantee that the club soon becomes a not-to-be-missed night out in the ‘hood.

Upcoming Acts

Fri 19th Sept: Shappi Khorsandi. Otiz Canneloni. Archie Maddocks. Tony Cowards. (selling out fast)

Fri 26th Sept: Sean Meo. Jojo Smith, Bennett Arron + TBC

Fri 3rd Oct: The Raymond & Mr Timpkins Revue. Stefano Paolini, Angie Mcevoy, Sheraz Yousef.

Fri 10th Oct: Ricky Grover. Romesh Ranganathan. Susan Murray. Brian Higgins.

Fri 17th Oct: Dave Johns. Paul McCaffrey. Mitch Benn. James Dowdeswell.

Fri 24th Oct: Erich Mcelroy. Gordon Southern. Kate Lucas. Russell Hicks.

Fri 31st Oct: Geoff Norcott. Sol Bernstein. Mark Silcox. + Tbc

To book tickets e-mail stating which night you want, then pay at the door (if your tickets are confirmed)

Tickets are £13 & a one off membership fee of £2, with a limit of four tickets per person.

There’s also a Facebook page: Bearcat Comedy at the Viaduct




15th September 2014