2nd Annual Children’s Capital Cup Ball Hockey Tournament

Results from local street hockey competition

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2nd Annual Children’s Capital Cup Ball Hockey Tournament held on 1 October

The second annual tournament was held at Elthorne Sports Centre in conjunction with the Adult Capital Cup on Saturday 1 October. Four children teams participated: Senators, Maple Leafs, Eagles and Canucks. Below are the results along with award winners

Final Tournament Standings

Wins Loss Tied Goals Scored Goals Against

1. Eagles 2 0 1 7 0

2. Maple Leafs 0 0 3 0 0

3. Senators 0 1 2 0 3

4. Canucks 0 1 2 0 4

Award Winners

Most Valuable Player for Team

· Eagles – Trim Blavo

· Maple Leafs – Chantal Nayer

· Senators – Ryan Jeer

· Canucks – Becky Everett

Most Sportsmanlike Player for Team

· Eagles – William Ashton

· Maple Leafs – Dominic Rae

· Senators – Alister Rae

· Canucks – Luke Nayer

Leading Scorers/Goalenders

· Goals: William Ashton with 3

· Total Points (goals plus assists): Noa Schinas with 4

· Goalie Shutouts: Cullen Allain, Dominic Rae, Matthew Everett, Alister Rae, Finley Ashton Noa Schinas, Trim Blavo, Chantelle Nayyer, Luke Nayyer

Round 1

· Senators Nil vs Maple Leafs - Nil

o Teams played to a nil nil draw with Cullen Allain (Senators) and Dominic Rae (Maple Leafs) both earning a shutout

· Canucks Nil vs Eagles 4

Noa Schinas opened the scoring with two straight goals. This was then followed by his Team-mate William Ashton scoring two consecutive goals.

Final score was 4 to Nil with Tito Schinas earning the shutout as their goalie. Matthew Everett was the goalie for the Canucks team


Round 2

· Senators Nil vs Canucks - Nil

In a hard fought game the teams played to a nil nil draw with Matthew Everett (Canucks) and Alister Rae (Senators) both earning a shutout

· Maple Leafs Nil vs Eagles Nil

In spite of the Eagles starting the tournament with a bang (4 goals) the Maple Leafs managed to stop their scoring prowess with a strong defensive effort

Finley Ashton earned the shutout for the Maple Leafs. Meanwhile Noa Schinas had a shutout in goal for the Eagles

Round 3

· Eagles 3 vs Senators - Nil

The eagles went back to their scoring ways with Tao Jemiirifo opening the scoring with a good setup form Noa Schinas. This was then followed up with a good goal form Tito Schinas again set up by his brother Noa Schinas. William Ashton then rounded out the scoring for the eagles

The shutout was earned by Trim Blavo with some excellent saves made to secure the win for his team

· Maple Leafs Nil vs Canucks Nil

This was again a tought defensive battle with Chantelle Nayyer (Maple Leafs) and Luke Nayyer (Canucks) both having shutouts/clean sheets in Goal

31st October 2011

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