Fit For A Bride

After the Christmas splurge, a helping hand to get in shape from an Ealing lady

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The Bridal Fitness Company


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New Year spells unadulterated fasting for many of us and none more so than the bride to be.

But being a beautiful blushing bride doesn't have to mean months of deprivation and self loathing, as a beautiful, youthful mother of four told me (I loath her!!).

Director of The Bridal Fitness Company, Lucy Case, isn't anorexic and she hasn't had surgery and she looks horribly fantastic. She's started up a company to help brides to be put themselves on the path to happiness, whether or not their marriage is a blissful one!

The premise isn't a new one - with healthy eating and exercise being the main focus of Lucy's bridal fitness plan. The key to the success of this plan is the goal - having all the eyes of your nearest, dearest and a few less so resting solely on you for the day. And that's what made her choose these young women as her target market. "This goal is the motivating factor," Lucy told me. "Without it people will drift, with the best will in the world." If W day weren't enough, a package of thrice weekly workouts that even Lucy calls 'hardcore' should keep clients on the straight and narrow.

It isn't just about success rates for Lucy although she is an achiever - she chose to make women her focus, having worked with all shapes, sizes, and genders, because they are the most satisfying and the most at risk of low self esteem.

As well as becoming their personal trainer, Lucy gives these women educational material through the transformation and puts them on a diet tailored to their specific needs.

"This is a once in a lifetime chance to really get fit," she said. "Women can make a dramatic change once and for all and I'm not asking the impossible with a complicated diet to follow - who hasn't got an egg or a can of beans in their cupboard.

"You don't get all the information on day - I want to educate these ladies to make a permanent change by helping them to understand why they need to do what."

It all sounds like a brilliant, life changing experience. Could be time to think about remarrying...

Charlie Canniff

December 14, 2007