The Season Of Goodwill?

Not if you load a Christmas tree in the wrong place Ealing

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Ella and the Christmas tree



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Local W13 resident and Ealing Today member Andy Holt has paid more than he bargained for for his Christmas tree after being given a parking ticket whilst loading his car.

He took his 10 year old daughter Ella to the 'The Christmas Forest' opposite the Ramada Hotel on Ealing Common on Friday night and left his car for 10 minutes in an area which was 'designated parking for customers.'

When he and his daughter returned to load the £55 pound tree he found the parking warden issuing him with a fine.

Andy says: '' He refused to withdraw the ticket as apparently no-one from the company had had the area de-designated from a single yellow line which was in force until 6:30 pm, even though I said I was loading up.

'' We tried to make him see reason and to take it up with the company but as the law stands I am unlikely to win an appeal, given that the notice was on private land, and that the company had apparently been warned that parking was not permitted on that road at that time.

''It also is an utter waste of my time in this busy festive season and caused my daughter considerable distress in what should have been a pleasant family experience.

''In future I will buy my Christmas tree from an outlet where a £100 parking fine does not come as part of the package.'' contacted ''The Christmas Forest'' and a spokesperson has told us they will be reimbursing Mr Holt:

'' This has never happened in the three years that we have been trading there.  There is nothing worse than going shopping for a tree and coming away with a parking ticket. ''

The company says it will pay the cost of the fine and has changed its signs to make the free parking times clearer.




12 December 2010

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