New Crossing Proposals To Make The Lido Safer

Report calls for all red stop phase for traffic



Why is The Lido Called The Lido?

West Ealing Neighbours


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Residents in West Ealing want significant changes to the traffic flow at the Lido junction to make it safer.

The crossing between Northfield Avenue and Uxbridge Road has become notorious and is a recognised blackspot.

More than 2,400 vehicles pass through at peak times and there has been an increasing number of accidents.

Only one arm of the junction, the western arm, can be crossed safely with the aid of a pedestrian light. At all the other three arms pedestrians must look, judge the traffic and hope for the best.

Last night (30 Sept) West Ealing Neighbours (WEN) published a report proposing a number of ideas for the area - including an all red stop phase for traffic.

This is currently used at the junction of Popes Lane and South Ealing Road and WEN say this method would allow pedestrians to cross safely at all four arms.

Another suggestion is for pedestrians to to cross diagonally at the junction from, for example, the Dean Gardens corner to the NatWest Bank.

Whilst acknowledging such alterations would have an impact on the traffic flow in the area WEN say it will make it safer:

''Our aim in producing this report is to propose some quite specific improvements that
can be implemented if goodwill and common sense prevail. Improvements that will
rebalance the dominance of road traffic at the Lido Junction and, at last, give
pedestrians the chance to cross this junction safely. We welcome an open and
vigorous debate about our proposals.''


Printed copies of the report are available from WEN by emailing



West Ealing Neighbours, Five Roads Forum and Kingsdown Residents Association all draw their membership from residents of West Ealing.

For more information please contact David Highton of West Ealing Neighbours on 020 8621 5411 or by email at




October 1, 2009

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