Milder Temperature Brings Overnight Thaw

Rain turning the remaining snow to slush

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Slightly warmer temperatures overnight mean Ealing hasn't woken up to a blanket of snow. Instead there is rain and the remaining snow has turned to slush.

Local forecasters are predicting a slight ease but there could be another snowy spell from Monday.

Severe weather warnings are still in place across the UK however and people are being are advised to take extra care.

Most Ealing council services are running, including refuse and recycling collections, but it's taking crews longer to get around the borough so residents are asked to leave their bags out for longer.

The council has outlined its road gritting policy - the main priority is to keep the arterial road network substantially clear of snow/ice. 

  • The arterial network consists of main roads, e.g. Uxbridge Road and secondary roads, e.g. Greenford Avenue.
  • All bus routes around the borough are gritted.
  • Footways in town centres, entrances to schools, hospitals, doctor's surgeries, and residential homes and footbridges and subways will be treated as necessary during the icy conditions. 
  • While the council understands the inconvenience that the cold weather is causing to residents in residential roads it is imperative that the council uses its salt/grit stock to maintain the above key areas of the borough throughout this and other periods of cold winter weather.
  • Take extreme care when walking or driving on the roads in winter conditions.

Local authorities have been using about 60,000 tonnes of salt daily and supplies have been running short. The Highways Agency and local authorities have agreed to cut use of grit and salt by 25%. 

Thames Water are asking customers who spot a leak or burst pipe on a street or pavement to contact their 24-hour leakline on freephone 0800 714 614.

Residents are being asked to be good neighbours as the cold weather continues and to check that elderly or vulnerable neighbours are safe, warm and have essential supplies

If you want to publicise any closures or services affected in Ealing due to the weather contact



January 14, 2010

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