'Unhallowed Ground' Wins Best Horror

Viv Ellis meets Ealing father and son behind scary film

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Unhallowed Ground



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“Unhallowed Ground” a teen horror film made by an Ealing father and son team has won ‘Best Horror Film’ at the prestigious 12th London Independent Film Festival.

I met up with Paul Raschid who not only wrote the movie but also has a starring role. Over coffee (honest) he told me about the making of the movie. It’s set in a snooty, private school (Mill Hill School was used as the location) where, one fateful night, a group of students have to deal with paranormal forces and a human threat from a bunch of burglars who’ve inconveniently chosen that very night to break in. Plus, being teenagers, you can also mix in raging hormones, bolshie attitudes and hating your parents.

Personally I’m not a massive fan of horror and found this a bit slow to begin with but then it does start to grip you and – there’s not too much gore to have to shield your eyes from.

Paul is an incredibly self-possessed guy, bursting with energy and ideas (he’s already well into pre production of his next film), Why horror? “It’s an incredible loyal market. Plus if you pick your location carefully – somewhere self contained – you can do wonders, even on a low budget.”

Paul’s father Neville produced the film -his 5th. He’s been in the movie business for years first at the “business/finance end before starting to produce. But what was it like working with his son? What had more effect ‘do as you’re told; I’m the boss’ or ‘do as you’re told, I’m your dad’?

“Both equally effective and ineffective at different times” said Neville. He added “The ultimate arbiter is his Mum / my wife, Sagarika who Line Produces our films. When Paul is being a pain, I go to her and when he wants to get his way, he also appeals to her. So it all works out in the end.

Although Paul’s been immersed in the making of movies for years both via his dad’s work and previous acting roles, what was it like making something he ‘d written? “It got incredibly intense at times but it’s amazing watching everything come to fruition”

Paul joked that his Mum always wanted him to have “a proper job” many of his contemporaries from school are in ‘the City” or other professions. But how does Dad feel now that he is finding success in showbiz? “I have conflicting emotions about it. I'm thrilled that he's getting the chance to do what he wants with his life and that his talent is getting a platform. But it's such an insecure business. I will be until he's hugely successful when I will bill him 10 %......maybe more....”

See? Parents always win in the end.

Catch ‘Unhallowed Ground’ in selected cinemas from June 12th plus V.O.D and digital release

Viv Ellis

13th May 2015