Did Bob See a UFO?

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Ealing Today member, Bob Rosamund, is a former UFO field investigator.

Interested in the phenomena ever since he was a child he worked solo until 2004, he then joined a 'respected scientific based' investigative research group before becoming increasingly skeptical and left both the group and the subject in 2010.

He recently added his expert view to a forum thread on the topic.

Here, Bob recounts an unexplained experience from 13 years ago:

I was still based in South Harrow at the time, and on this particular night simply wasn't tired despite it being close to two o'clock in the morning. On a whim I took my tea into the rear garden to enjoy the silence and numerous visible stars (as well as a cigarette). I'd been out there for a while before noticing what seemed like a small dark 'smudge' in my peripheral vision and which, upon turning to look directly, revealed no obvious cause.

The second time it happened I looked a little longer and still couldn't see anything. The third time it happened I felt mildly annoyed and was thinking that it could only be a 'floater' ( minute particles of debris trapped and shifting around within the fluid covering our eyeballs) when I realised that I was in fact looking directly at the 'smudge' now, and it appeared to be expanding even as I watched.  

Literally within four to five seconds of visual contact, the smudge defined itself as a vast black boomerang which then passed directly over my head and over the roof of the house, and all in unearthly silence!  If witnessing the totally silent passing of an unearthly object travelling at 'science fiction' speeds wasn't shocking enough, I also observed six large dull golden coloured domes arranged evenly along its entire underside, each of which fleetingly reflected the street lighting at the front of the house as it passed across the roof.

I stood rooted to the same spot for quite a while after its passing simply trying to grasp what had happened.  I truth I was probably experiencing a mixture of shock, excitement and, if I'm even more honest about it, total wonder. Finally after so many years of reading about and then actively investigating cases of alleged UFO sightings, the eight year old boy had not only witnessed a UFO for himself,  it was also about as close as it could get without him actually being inside the damned thing!

Eventually the excitement and wonder had to make way for the investigator, and as such I went back indoors to make some important notes as well as sketch exactly what I had seen before the memory of it became clouded with interpretations rather than actual observations (another classic witness trait) Having done all of this, I began trying to rationalise the event by shifting my -quite natural- focus from the object, to the circumstances surrounding it at the time. 

Although quite a few miles from Northolt airfield, the house was nonetheless directly beneath an established outward bound flightpath and as a consequence I had watched many small to medium sized commercial or private jet aircraft fly over the house at the same height and more or less on the same path, though seldom at night.

The 'boomerang' seemed, curiously enough, to be following this recognisable flight pattern though of course in the wrong direction this time. It was also quite possibly using the dead of night to move around, which meant that few people (or other 'local' air traffic) would be around and even fewer thus likely to notice it, particularly in view of its undeniable 'stealth' capabilities.

  I will never find the answer to what I saw that night. All I know for certain is that it was unlike anything I've ever seen (or probably ever will see)  in the sky, travelled impossibly fast and used a totally silent means of propulsion in doing so...

...And as anyone familiar with the history of UFOs might agree, those six large domes I saw beneath its structure will have George Adamski quietly smiling from beyond his grave.


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April 4th 2013


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