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West London's biggest Social Media event - the tweetup is back


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Q: So, What’s a Tweetup?
A: A Tweetup is the opportunity for Twitter users to meet each other in real life, have a drink and share a story or two. Some even tweet while they’re there.

Q: How long has the Ealing Tweetup been going?
A: It was started in 2009 by a local Ealing journalist called Mark Hillary and has grown to become the biggest digital media event in West London. The last few have had, video coverage, local business sponsorship and even a live group.

Q: So when’s the next one?
A: On 21st April the event returns to its spiritual home at the Rose & Crown, Church Place, St. Mary's Road, W5 4HN. The event starts around 7pm and carries on until closing time.

Q: Do you have to be on Twitter to come along?
A: No, being on Twitter is not essential, but do expect to see various people walking around with badges stuck on them with the @ symbol before their name as a way of letting you know who they are. If you also wanted get a better idea of what Twitter is like, get help setting-up with your own account and immediately have a bunch of people ‘follow’ you…. then this is the ideal opportunity.

Q: How else is the event publicised?
A: Most of the work is done online, by Ealing Tweeters telling their friends and followers that they are coming along. However after the event there’s also a lot of photos and video posted to popular sharing sites for those who missed out to see what happened.

Q: Do you have sponsorship for this Tweetup?
A: Not yet. The previous ones have been sponsored by local businesses, which pays for the music and means that everyone got a free drink on arrival. We are hoping to get a sponsor for this event, in-turn raising the profile of any organisation who contributes.

Q: So how to I ‘sign up’?
A: Just visit our invite page here:

28th March 2011


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