Apologies as National Grid Destroy Perfectly Good Tree

Council won't have to pay for replacement

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Photo courtesy N Burke-Manganaro


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The sight of a perfectly healthy tree ripped from the ground to be dumped in a skip in W5 incensed Ealing Today forum member Natasha Burke-Manganaro.

The tree was removed by National Grid who were replacing gas mains outside her office in Corringway/Hanger Green.

Ms Burke-Managanaro challenged the workmen who told her the council would replace it - she then contacted the council who said it would cost around £300.

She says she was absolutely livid:

''This money could be so better used elsewhere for more vital services! I been angry to see so many times, perfectly good "community planting" being dug up every season and replaced - what a waste of money!''

Ealing Today asked Ealing Council who would be footing the bill for a new tree and have received this reply:

'' National Grid have apologised to us for removing the tree, but say they had to move it to access the gas main they are working on. They have promised to replace the tree with the same variety of tree, of the same age and size specified by the council once the gas main replacement works is completed.''


6th November 2012









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