Going Down The Pan?

Complaints about Ealing's public conveniences

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Not so convenient - are public toilets going down the pan?



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The Ealing Summer festivals held at Walpole Park; Comedy, Blues, Global and Jazz have been received with much appreciation. Unfortunately the same can't be said for some of the facilities.

A visitor to Ealing has written to EalingToday.co.uk highlighting the appalling state of the public toilets in the park.

Sheila Prophet says: '' I went into the ladies loos in the north of the park, near the coffee bar and they were absolutely disgusting - I am used to hideous loos but even I decided to wait, and there was a lady there with a little girl who was horrified.  

''This is particularly bad when they have their summer events on and the park was heaving with families.''

Public conveniences tend to be few and far between these days, but an organisation has been set up and is campaigning for better facilties.

The British Toilet Association (BTA) has an annual conference to discuss the issues facing 'away from home' toilet providers - the next one is to be held in September.

BTA claim Britain's public toilets were once the envy of the world but in recent years, significant numbers of public toilets have been closed down.

They want more and better toilets and are determined to 'stop the rot'.

Ealing Council has been asked for comment regarding Walpole Park toilets.

What are your experiences of 'public loos' - are they generally acceptable or just bog awful?


7 August 2010

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