Thames Water Apologises To South Ealing Residents

Following criticism over leak repairs

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Ealing Today forum members have received an explanation and apology after work to repair a water leak on South Ealing road caused disruption lasting several days.

On Friday (24th June) Stephanie Flowers said: '' I have rarely seen such incompetance as I watched a group of men wandering around all over South Ealing trying to turn valves here and there in the middle of busy traffic. Surely they must know which valve turns of that pipe?''

Yesterday local resident John Brother joined the discussion:

' ''Today is fourth day and the barricades and traffic light were taken away late afternoon leaving problems. In end the water people had to replace about 50 metre of road across whole width ... because of water damage. They have to replace white markngs for whole zebra crossing and zig zags too.

'' If water was turned off and dealt with friday by someone competent 10000 pound fix it job would not have become 100000 pound fix it job.'' contacted Thames Water about the problems and they have sent us this statement:

''We were called to reports of a burst main in South Ealing Road on Friday. On arrival, we had to determine whether the leak was in the nine-inch or the 12-inch pipe which both run side by side.

"Once we had identified which the burst pipe was, we then had to flush it to make sure we could keep the 2,500 properties it serves on supply while the burst was repaired, all of this work is being done underground and cannot be seen by passers-by.

"Our main focus was to keep everyone on supply while we fixed the burst. Complications fixing the actual pipe meant that we had to replace the whole section causing further delays. We are very sorry for any inconvenience that was caused.

"We were told that some debris was left on site and we have been out to clear it."



28th June 2011






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