Campaigners Celebrate Victory Over Tesco

Supermarket pulls out of controversial plans for St Mary's Road store

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Tesco will not now be opening a new shop in an Ealing conservation area after hundreds of locals objected.

Residents living near the proposed store on St Mary's Road were angry about the initial lack of notice and  and were backed by local politicians who also believed the former Oporto/Eatalian's was unsuitable for a new supermarket.

A petition with more than 1,600 signatures, was sent in to the council. 

After withdrawing the planning applications a Tesco spokesperson said: “As a business we are being more selective with the sites we choose for new stores, and as a result we have decidend not to proceed with our planned new store on St Mary's Road in Ealing.

“We would like to thank those who supported the store and apologise it will not be moving forward. We will continue to serve customers in the area from our nearby stores in Ealing and through our online grocery shopping service.”

Campaigner , Andy Long, 54, from Cairn Avenue has written to fellow residents to inform them of the news and said it reflects the power of the community:

'' Thank you for all your efforts – it shows that if people care and take action, it has an effect. You will know from the media recently that Tesco was abandoning sites, but the Ealing Green site was not on the list and our last-minute pressure has been decisive. It is a great testament to the strength of the community.


17th January 2015