Tesco Withdraw Controversial Local Planning Application

But campaigners call for them to abandon proposal completely

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Tesco has withdrawn planning applications for a new store on St Mary's Road after hundreds of locals objected about a lack of consultation.

Residents living near the proposed site were angry about the initial lack of notice - many said they had no knowledge of the application until it was brought to their attention on Ealing Today and social media outlets.

The Conservative MP for Ealing Central and Acton, Angie Bray, along with Labour's Rupa Huq supported campaigners who say the former Oporto/Eatalian's site is unsuitable for a new supermarket and expressed concerns about the location, traffic issues and the impact of delivery lorries.

Liberal Democrat Candidate Jon Ball is also against the development and said:

'' I am delighted that this threat to local residents' peace and quiet and the viability of local independent shops has now been lifted. Planning officers have made it clear to Tesco that their plans were completely unacceptable & the company have finally seen sense and withdrawn their planning applications. Congratulations to the local residents who have campaigned against this development and succeeded in beating the retail giant."

However campaigner, Andy Long, 54, from Cairn Avenue says the fight is not over just yet. He says:

'' Because Tesco cannot make that site work, we would like them to announce they have abandoned the project entirely. Notoriously, Tesco has a poor reputation for relentlessly pursuing projects no matter how unwise, hence its multiple problems. It is a simple decision to announce that they are walking away so that site can be used sensibly and add to the neighbourhood.''

A Tesco spokesperson said :

'' "With every new store proposal, we consult the local community and invite comment. We posted a letter requesting feedback on our proposed Express store on St Mary's Road in Ealing to more than 300 residents in June, but it has become evident that for some reason these letters did not arrive. We have decided to withdraw our current application in order to fully consult locally and speak further with the Council before progressing any proposals. We look forward to hearing from the community and will be in touch shortly."




9th December 2014