Locals Kept 'In The Dark' Over Tesco Application

Proposals for new supermarket in Ealing Green Conservation area

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Proposals for Tesco on St Mary's Road have caused fury.



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Furious residents say there has been a complete lack of consultation over plans for a Tesco Express in the Ealing Green Conservation area.

Proposals have been submitted to the council to change the former Oporto/Eatalian's restaurant on St Mary's Road - which now lies empty - into a supermarket convenience store.

Many locals - including one who lives next door - said they had received no notice at all and only heard through neighbours who shared the information via Ealing Today and other social media channels.

Initial notification on Ealing's Council's planning portal shows no reference to Tesco and lists only 19 homes given details about the application.

The consultation date is listed as starting on 10th September and ending on 10th October.

Andy Long lives nearby and says he is concerned many people are unaware of the application and thinks the procedure is completely flawed.

''I am very relaxed about development, pleased to see Ealing improve, have no problem with shopping in Tesco or other major supermarket chains and have never been involved in anything like this before. I took up the matter as one of those who will be badly affected had received an obscure notification about a minor technicality, not revealing Tesco's involvement, which gave him no inkling of what was proposed; while another, right next to the proposed store, had received no notification whatsoever. This is simply unjust. It does not serve the public interest for the public to be in the dark about such a major development which will ruin a quiet residential area and destroy the character of the Ealing Green conservation area.''

Objections to the plans focus on both the location and concern over potential traffic problems caused by delivery lorries.

However Tesco appear to have anticipated these and a transport report   - written in June - on behalf of the supermarket - concludes:

''In summary, the proposals are deemed to be appropriate for the site from a transport and highways perspective and would not have any detrimental effect upon highway safety or upon the free flow of traffic, being extremely similar to how the existing site could operate under its current planning permission and permitted development right.''

Tesco add: '' It is considered that the proposed development is in accordance with relevant local and national planning policy guidance. We therefore respectfully request that the Council grants planning permission for the proposed development.''

Ealing Council told us 'The usual consultation process is taking place.'

''Letters notifying people of the planning application being sent to 19 homes and commercial premises in the immediate area (St Mary’s Road, Cairn Avenue and Sunnyside Road). The list of addresses where the letters were sent to is published online  http://www.pam.ealing.gov.uk/portal/servlets/ApplicationSearchServlet?PKID=171642

'' As the application is located within a conservation area, the planning application has also been advertised in the public notices section of the Gazette. A site notice is displayed on a lamppost nearby. The application is also online and people can submit comments to the council’s website.

Ealing Council add: ''The deadline is 10 October but all comments made throughout the application process will be taken into account.''

The Ealing Central and Acton MP, Angie Bray, says she's concerned:

'' It’s disappointing to see that such a small number of residents have been consulted on what would be a big change of usage for this site. Like many others I am concerned about the delivery arrangements as well as the effect that a Tesco would have on the local businesses. I hope the Council will extend and broaden its consultation to let residents have a say.’


8th October 2014