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An appeal for help here gets results

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So far you've found a little girl's doll, helped an eleven year old tennis star with a new racket  and now it's the Scouts turn to say thanks.

Ealing Scout Leader Dave Folkerd writes:

''A month or so ago you were kind enough to run an article I wrote about adult leadership recruitment for the Scouts in Ealing and Hanwell. The good news is that as a direct result of Ealing Today we signed up one leader for our new Explorer unit.''



As part of the Ealing and Hanwell Scout District Centenary celebrations, about 140 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts took to the water at the Docklands Scout Sailing Project base in the shadow of Canary Wharf.


Some of the participants slept overnight onboard the Lord Amory, an ex Dutch Naval vessel, and after a full Monty breakfast in the ship’s galley we were soon ready to get wet and wild on the water. In the meantime the 70+ day visitors had a silly o’clock wake up call to catch the coaches that had been organised to leave Gurnell swimming pool car park at 07:30, next stop Docklands.


Virtually anything that could float was called into action and there was a variety of canoes, sailing boats, kayaks, rowing boats all made ready to take the participations on their first session on the water. There were lots of Mums, Dads and Leaders on the deck of the Lord Amory with a nice hot cup of tea in hand looking on as the first group of sailors took to the water.

The wind was very blustery which gave the sailors plenty of practice on their capsize drills and it seemed that most of canoes and Kayaks turned into submarines as the instructors had the participants standing up, turning round and jumping about in the boats that not surprisingly then turned over!!  After the first session was completed the soggy sailors had a quick pit stop for a drink and biscuit and then all moved onto a different type of boat and proceeded to get wet again!!

We had 20+ instructors from the Docklands Scout Project on the water teaching a variety of nautical skills to the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, some of whom had never been on the water before whilst others had quite a bit of experience from previous water activity events.


The 2 afternoon sessions were the same format as the morning sessions with everyone trying out different craft with even a bit of sun peeking out from the clouds before the day visitors dried off and caught the coach’s home. The overnighters retired to take stock of the day and in between brief rain showers, we had a peaceful BBQ on the dockside.  As the sun magically appeared over Canary Wharf for the evening the Leaders even managed a peaceful “Cruise” around the docks on board one of the Lord Amory’s motor launches.


On a chilly Sunday we had another 50 day visitors with their spectator Mums and Dads and more wet and wild water activity sessions were completed.


Lots of sailing, swimming, canoeing and more swimming, rowing and maybe a bit of swimming and just to round the day off….. a little more swimming! A lot of swabbing the decks was necessary to restore the Lord Amory to pristine conditions before the final flag down ceremony on-deck marked the end of a great weekend. The tired (& soggy) Beavers, Cubs and Scouts caught their coaches back to Ealing and the Leaders and Helpers went home for a well earned rest.



If there are any adults out there that would like to get involved in activities like this as well as camps, events and Section meetings as a Leader, Assistant or Helper, please phone the Adult Helper Line 020 8567 2474


We need adult help with Beavers (6 to 8 years old), Cubs (8 to 10½ years old), Scouts (10½ to 14½ years old), Explorers (14½ to 18 years old). You don’t need previous experience as full training is provided. All Adult helpers need to have a CRB check for working with young people in line with Scout Association Policy.  



Dave Folkerd

Group Scout Leader 25th Ealing





15th June 2011


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