Calling All Childcaring Ealing Grannies

Fancy a coffee and a chat with others?

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New mum Louise Hall from Northfields contacted Ealing Today after identifying a gap in the market and is hoping local Grandparents can help fill it.

Louise will be returning to work as a sales manager next year and her mum Heather will help with baby Anoushka.

Louise says: ''My lovely mum has been coming up from where she lives in Hertfordshire every Tuesday since Nushie was born I currently plan on going back to work around February time when my mum is very generously going to look after Nushie 2 days a week.

''I am well aware of all the great NCT groups out there and groups for us mums, but does anyone know of any groups for the grannies of Ealing? Grandads would be welcome too - really I just wanted my mum to meet a few people in the area as she is not from London.

''I just see so many grandparents pacing the parks on a daily basis - it would be lovely if they could all meet up for coffee and chat.''


Louise is keen to get something set up locally on a regular basis.

Anyone interested should email



November 4th, 2009


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