Don't Fall For The Burglar Alarm Scam!

The 'National Crime Centre' - doesn't exist

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Councillors and police in the Northfield ward are warning residents to be careful about taking calls from an organisation calling itself the National Crime Centre.

SNT Sergeant Greg Fox says he has had a number of enquiries about the calls and believes it to be a scam - he is warning people to be alert:

''This is the 2nd incident in a short period of time where persons are being cold called by an organisation called National Crime Centre offering deals on Burglar Alarms (one caller was offered an alarm for £1), they are asking too many personal questions and I don't believe this to be a genuine company I can find no trace of them...........can you spread the word around the ward to ensure no person falls for this enticement.''

You have been warned.

7 July 2010

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