Ealing's Reluctant Runner...  Isn't Running

...and here come the excuses

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Apart from the fact that it's the school holidays and am busy trying to work as well as keep the kids amused, I also hate running in warm weather.

So there hasn't been much of an incentive to get my act together and train this week.

I did have another really useful session with Gareth who helped me get over my fear of breathing... yes really.

I hate the sound of my laboured breath when running and that's one of the reasons I think I give up too soon.

Gareth made me do something I NEVER do - run fast until I got out of breath - just for a short time, but enough.

He then showed me how quickly you can actually control your breathing and get yourself back on track. It can be done.

Now I was hoping to practise this but something else made me take it easy this week.

When I first attempted to run four years ago I developed a condition which I had never heard of before, but many runners know only too well : Plantar Faciitis.

Unfortunately that familiar warm feeling in my heel has returned so I have decided not to push it and been resting and treating with ice.

I'm hoping it will be a temporary blip because I don't feel I am anywhere near ready for EHM 2015 and seriously need to get some training in.

Thanks for the motivational ideas  as requested last week - I agree that it would have been sensible to have started earlier and had smaller goals (coach to 5k seems very popular) but I do tend to leave things to last minute.

This book by Christopher McDougall has been recommended - anyone read it?

Born to Run: The Hidden Tribe, The Ultra-Runners, and the Greatest Race The World has never Seen.

Please keep emailing me your suggestions, I need lots and lots of help...once again.


Annemarie Flanagan


12th August 2015