Ealing's Reluctant Runner is 218

And after a few laps round the park feels that's just about the right number

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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. It's happening again.

I'm beginning to get that panicky 'I am no where near ready' feeling.

The good news is that my ankle seems to be ok and last week I valiantly attempted a few laps around Blondin Park.

The bad news is that I know exactly how far 13.1 miles is and I can remember what it felt like last year - I reckon my body is still in shock.

Now as you have probably gathered I don't consider myself a runner at all. I run only when I really have to - which is generally never....

For some reason (I blame those EHM organisers) I am going to attempt the Ealing Half Marathon for a third time. I could have said no of course, but I'm not one to give in easily so here I go again.

As time ticks on, my race number has now appeared eek! (it's 218 if you want to shout words of encouragement on the day) I am ever so slightly - ok scrub that - totally worried.

I should have started a good training plan a few months ago, but being in denial about the whole thing I didn't.

So now I have a few weeks to get fit enough to get round the course. Can I do it?

Hope your training is going well - and please do let me know any top tips to keep going when you basically just want to stop and have a cup of tea.


Annemarie Flanagan



4th September 2014