Ealing's Most Reluctant Runner May Run Again

But hasn't quite got round to it yet

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Go to www.ealinghalfmarathon.com for further details and to register, like the Facebook page www.facebook.com/ealinghalf and follow @EalingHalf on Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest news about the Ealing Half Marathon.


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Where on earth did that year go?

It seems like I have only just finished the 2013 Ealing Half Marathon and the 2014 one is just round the corner... eeek!

When I agreed to take part in the inaugural race in 2012 I did so just because I wanted to be involved in some small way in this new event for Ealing.

If you followed my diary you will have heard of my many training woes and how I was almost (not quite) the last person to finish.

Last year I agreed to do it again because those wonderful organisers invited me and it is really a pretty marvellous day - even for a non-runner such as myself.

I did a bit more training ( if you can call it that) because I wanted to get to Lammas Park before closing and remarkably I did so with a much better time.

On completion of the epic 13 miler around Ealing I thought that's that, and I would watch and support this year... but no, it's not to be. That little voice nagged away at me saying 'you can't just watch - you got to do it!' So it looks like I'm going to be running one more time.

Thing is it's July already, and basically I haven't put my trainers on since I took them off - exhausted but elated at the end of the 2013 race.

I'd better get them back on hadn't I?

Motivation has been seriously lacking (I don't call myself the reluctant runner for nothing!) and 101 excuses are readily available... but enough already!

Asics - the Official Sportswear and Training Partner of the Ealing Half Marathon - have a downloadable training plan - and have also very kindly provided me with trainers and gear - so the excuse that my trainers were knackered is one to cross off the list and I'd better just get on with it hadn't I?

Are you taking part this year? Please share your training highs (and lows) and any tips.

For any novices to this year's Ealing Half it may feel daunting and you will be terrified at that start line but, if I can do it I'm sure you will be able to + if you think you can - you can and all that.

Oh, and if you need an incentive, believe me the best feeling in the world is going through that wonderful Finish line.



Annemarie Flanagan



17th July 2014