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Northfield Councillors vow to keep the pressure on

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Councillors have been told there has been a 'significant improvement' in cleanliness in the Northfield ward.

In May, 12 wards in the borough - including Northfield - slipped below the agreed council target for street cleaning which led some critcs to suggest that the under the new Labour administration standards were falling.

This month Police, Envirocrime officers and representatives from the refuse contractors May Gurney went on a walkabout with council officers in the ward to check the state of local streets.

Following the walkabout Northfield representative, Councillor David Millican, was told that spot checks had resulted in the highest amount of 'A' grades in recent memory and that officers will continue to monitor the situation.

Councillor Millican says it is important to keep a close watch on the state of our streets:

'' As Councillors we are keen to ensure that focus remains on keeping the area, which we represent, clean and safe.''


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19 July 2010

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