Cyclist Attacked in Road Rage Incident in Ealing

Were you on the 65 bus - did you see?

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A cyclist was headbutted and had his bike thrown by a group of three 'maniacs' intent on causing harm yesterday afternoon in Ealing.

The incident happened near Ealing Green/The Grove pub at about 3.50pm. A passenger who was standing at the front of the 65 bus witnessed and has contacted the police with a statement.

She doesn't wish to be named but told that it all started when a silver car went through red lights and over a zebra crossing:

'' .. the cyclist collided with the side of the car, he knocked on the passenger window and pointed at the traffic light obviously indicating that they were still red and the car should have stopped. 

''Immediately, 3 men got out of the car and started aggressively shouting at him and then pushing him, there were 2 white men and one black and the black man headbutted the cyclist, the other 2 then pushed the cyclist on to the corner of Ealing Green and carried on pushing and shoving him, one of the men picked up the cyclists bike and threw it near a tree. 

''They carried on like this for a few minutes and I then turned to the driver and asked if he would open the door, I shouted out to the men "Oi leave him alone there are 3 of you and only one of him" which made them all turn around and start shouting at me instead. 

''The cyclist picked up his bike and left at this point. Then the men all came towards me (the distance to the bus from where they were all standing was approx 5 metres) the largest man was particularly abusive and angry and he shouted "he went into my Missus' car!" and they looked like they were about to get onto the bus, at which point a young French man on the bus came in front of me and put his arm out to shield me from the men. 

''The bus driver closed the door and drove off, but the traffic was really dense and so the men carried on trying to open the door.  Then maybe 30 seconds later they got back onto the car (which I then realised was being driven by a woman, presumably the wife) and they followed us up Ealing Green, at one point, the black man got out of the car again and hit the bus door in front of me very hard. 

''I think they forked off Mattock Lane as the bus went up Bond st but can't be sure as there was lots of other traffic about.  I then alighted at New Broadway near the church and caught up with the French man who had stuck up for me.  He carried on down Springbridge road whilst I turned into my street.  The time was 16.03 (As per my mobile as I called my boyfriend straight away)"

She says she is still in shock from seeing such an awful incident but adds ' I hope the message does not convey "do not ever try to help others" but maybe that "bus drivers should press their emergency button to the police straight away when they see an incident as violent as this."



Police say the cyclist hasn't reported the crime and with no victim the incident can't be investigated.

Was it you? Perhaps you saw what happened? Contact the police


21 December 2010

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