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Richardson Butchers On Northfield Avenue to shut after 60 years of business


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It's been a local institution for 60 years but from April 22nd it will be no more.

News of the Northfield Avenue closure has been met with surprise and shock.

Local Councillor David Millican said: ''The Millican family is really disappointed they are closing after so many years service.  My two adult sons, who regularly join us for dinner, said it was the worst news they’d heard in a long time, and where will we source or BBQ meat and Christmas turkey?''

Richardsons has long been regarded a local institution, Rory Thomas finds out why owner John Richardson,55, will be shutting shop for the final time.


“It’s been our family’s life - I would love to carry on but it’s a struggle. I was born with one leg shorter than the other, and I’ve had various operations through the years to correct it, at one time I even caught septicaemia, but now it’s just too painful to carry on so I decided at Christmas that was it!”

Throughout the years, the family business has passed through three generations. Mr Richardson’s grandfather, Tom, started the company in South Ealing Road in 1950. A second shop was opened in Gerrard’s Cross, Bucks, by John’s father, Mike, in 1984. Finally, a third shop was opened in Northfields, and following his father’s retirement in 1999, John took over the business running it to the present day. In 2009, the shop in Gerrard’s Cross closed when the lease ran out, and then the South Ealing Road shop closed in 2002.

Richardson butchers

John, went on to say: “It’s been in our family for over 60 years. I have two sons but they are not interested in this line of work. Back then (1950), meat was still rationed because it was just after the war, but that stopped in 1954.” He added: “People don’t buy like they used to, they tend to shop online for convenience - it’s a changing world. And anyway, with my leg and my back, I would love to carry on, but it’s too painful.”

John has three full-time members of staff who will all be made redundant when the shop closes. Neil Neville, 53, Buckinghamshire, said: “Obviously, I’m sad about it. I’ve worked for the company for 30 years, first in Buckinghamshire and then Ealing.”

Asked what they planned to do next, John said he would perhaps have to consider taking six months off for a hip replacement, adding that he had at one time considered becoming a magistrate, and that he might follow through with that idea. Neil said he would be ‘moving on’, and dedicating more time to his passion for photography.

John reported that the shop had recently been bought by developers and although he did not know what would eventually appear in its place, he speculated it would be used for commercial purposes.

He added: “I know everyone is very sad to see us go, but I’m not sad. It’s been a big part of our lives and now it’s time to do other things. It’s just a sign of the times!”

Richardsons will be officially closing on Saturday 22nd April 2017. John said: “We and are planning to hold a big BBQ to celebrate, everyone is welcome to come along to say goodbye and sample some of our fantastic quality produce.”




11th Aoril 2017

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