Ealing Psychiatrist Stuck Off For "Appalling Behaviour"

Accepted financial gifts and compromised his professional relationship with patient.  




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The Medical Director of Ealing's Cygnet Hospital in W5 has been struck off after the General Medical Council (GMC) heard how he had over-medicated a rich, elderly patient and profited by £1.2m from her will when she died

Psychiatrist Peter Rowan, 62, who has appeared on reality TV show Supersize vs Superskinny, set up an eating disorder unit in the Priory hospital in Roehampton which he ran until 2006.

One of Dr Rowan's patients at The Priory was 66 year old Patricia May, a former actress & debutante.

Ms. May, who was anorexic, first saw Dr Rowan in 1987 and was given a 'hazardous' mix of anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and sleeping tablets. It was alleged that she was on four times the recommended daily dose of tranquilliser Lorazepam.

Ms May was his patient for over 16 years and showered him with generous financial gifts.

The GMC heard Ms May persuaded Dr Rowan not to tell other physicians about her medication. She weighed just 38 kilos (less than 6 stone) when she died in hospital after a fall in her Mayfair home on March 9, 2003. She left Dr Rowan £1.2million in her will.

GMC Panel chairman Mary Clark-Glass said Rowan's actions in relation to Ms May had damaged the reputation of the profession, and erasure was 'the only sufficient and proportionate' sanction.

She said: '''Doctors, patients and the public at large need to be reassured that serious misconduct of this kind cannot be tolerated.  

''The panel therefore directs the registrar to erase your name from the medical register.'  



14 January 2011



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