Stop and Shop Fight in Pitshanger

Businesses may suffer because of new parking

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Hundreds of local residents and traders are petitioning the council for more stop and shop parking bays in Pitshanger Lane.

The area is currently being improved through the joint council and Transport for London 'Streets for People' scheme, and seven spaces have currently been allocated - with the possibilitity of six more, locals want at least 30.

Walter Wyeth, owner of Pitshanger Bookshop is behind the petition. He writes on the Ealing Today forum:

''The Roadworks are nearly finished, but the Council is only going to allocate 14 Stop & Shop places with a time limit of 1 hour - The shops NEED more if they are going to survive.''

Six shops have closed in the area in the last six months and traders fear more could be forced to shut.

My Wyeth says:

'' What the shops need is to provide a turn-over in parking, as on Northfields Avenue, which has become a more vibrant place to shop over the last five years.''

An Ealing Council spokesman, said:

"Following consultation with the local community, the council has introduced seven Stop and Shop parking bays for the benefit of local traders and there is the possibility of an additional six bays being installed, subject to approval.

"Before the scheme started, there were no stop and shop parking bays in Pitshanger Lane.

"There is also unrestricted parking on Pitshanger Lane and its surrounding streets.
"As soon as the scheme has been completed, we will monitor the parking allocation to make sure it has achieved the desired benefits for businesses, residents and visitors."



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May 10, 2010


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