Ealing's Pigeon Man Flies Into Trouble

Local comic doesn't prove very funny with celebrity judge

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Phil Zimmerman (out of costume )


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Ealing comedian Phil Zimmerman has upset Amanda Holden during an audition for Britain's Got Talent.

Zimmerman, who runs Comedy nights at the Drayton is known as The Pigeon Man because of his routine which involves acting like a bird.

Amanda was judging the auditions at Hammersmith Apollo yesterday alongside Michael McIntyre and Louis Walsh - standing in for new judge David Hasselhoff.

Pretending to be a giant pigeon Zimmerman strutted and squawked around the stage flapping his arms but spectators booed him and he was buzzed off by the three judges.

He then proceeded to run towards pregnant Ms Holden who was concerned about what he was planning to do.

Zimmerman - never one to miss an opportunity - was apparently trying to throw a leaflet advertising his comedy nights to the judges but was wrestled away by security.

Whilst acknowledging that there is no such thing as bad publicity Mr Zimmerman told Ealing Today.co.uk that he's angry with how The Sun newspaper reported the incident:

''Their headline suggested that I attacked Amanda Holden - it was completely wrong and defamatory. I am looking into whether I can take any action against them.'


Mr Zimmerman has agreed to write his account of the incident for EalingToday.co.uk



7 January 2011


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