Repeat - Pavements For People NOT Vehicles

Contractors for Barclays bank think newly laid flagstones = parking

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Photos courtesy Jeremy Olive


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It's happened once again.

There was anger last month when sign writers for Barclays Bank used the newly refurbished pavements of South Ealing for parking, now it seems security vans feel they can do the same thing.

Ealing Today forum member Jeremy Olive has sent these photos and says:

'' My heart sank today when I found a G4S security truck (LT57 GFV) parked up on the pavement outside Barclay’s Bank in South Ealing. Especially following the article on Ealing Today which detailed a similar event with some signwriters. Barclays Bank in South Ealing clearly does not like either our nice new pavements or Boris Johnson (who I understand paid for them) or perhaps both. Or perhaps it simply is another bank that does not care about the local community.''

Local Councillor, Phil Taylor, has written to Barclays and says:

'' Pavements are for people and not for vehicles. It is an offence to park on any part of the pavement.

''The Northfield councillors, the council’s envirocrime officers and the local Safer Neighbourhood Team have been consistently active in talking to the businesses in South Ealing Road about pavement parking.

''This practise is all too common. It does break up pavements and means people can’t get around. The council need to be more active is educating people and enforcing the law in this area.''



25th August 2011







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