Pavements For People .. Not Vehicles

Anger in South Ealing after van parks on newly laid flags

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Photo courtesy Erin Occulata



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A workers' van parked on the newly refurbished pavements of South Ealing Road has provoked an angry response from local residents.

Ealing forum member Erin Occulata reported that contractors working for Butterfield Signs based at Barclays Bank had driven their vehicle onto the brand new flags which have just been replaced as part of the TfL funded Local Implementation Plan for the corridor.

She said: '' Beautiful new pavements in South Ealing, beautiful new street benches. You would think all the local businesses would be pleased. Well, not Barclays Bank whose store sign contractor Butterfield Signs decided to mount the brand new pavement that had been there for less than a week in a heavy white van.''

Local Councillor David Millican is appalled and says: ' "You just can't park on the pavement. South Ealing Road is having new pavements laid, which are actually funded by Transport for London, under the direction of Mayor Boris. I will ask Council Officers to take this up with this anti-social van driver."   

Ealing Today contacted Bradford based Butterfield signs and spokesperson Julie Murgatroyd says appropriate action will be taken:

''Please accept our sincere apologies, we do not condone parking on pavements and our engineer will be spoken to regarding this''.


13th July 2011






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