Teenagers Jailed For Killing Greenford Pensioner

Attacked two 'elderly vulnerable' women

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Jiervon Bartlett

Nayed Hoque

Paula Castle who died last year - will be missed very much.



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Two teenage boys have been sentenced to a total of 12 years for the robbery and manslaughter of 85-year-old Paula Castle in Greenford last November.

The Judge lifted the anonymity and named the two youths - Jiervon Bartlett, 15 was sentenced to six years and Nayed Hoque - who was 14 at the time - was sentenced to six years.

Both boys from Northolt committed two separate robberies on two consecutive days in Greenford on 19 and 20 November 2012.

Their first victim, 85-year-old Paula Castle, who had a heart condition and was partially sighted, was making her way home from the shops on 19 November 2012 when she was violently pushed to the ground and robbed by the pair in Oldfield Lane South, Greenford.

She was found by a member of the public she had horrific facial injuries and died the next day in hospital from her injuries.

On 20 November 2012, a 75-year-old woman from Northolt was robbed of her shopping bag by the pair when walking along a footpath between Napton Close and Hastoe Close, Hayes.

Bartlett's DNA was found on Mrs Castle's stolen handbag. Her stolen bank card was used to to buy trainers and takeaway food in Barlett's name. The bank card stolen in the second robbery was used to make mobile phone top-ups on Hoque's phone.

Bartlett pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Paula Castle and to both counts of robbery on Friday 8 March.

Hoque who originally denied all offences but admitted being at both scenes later pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Paula Castle and two counts of robbery on Wednesday 10 April.

Detective Chief Inspector Russell Taylor, from the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, said: "These teenage boys attacked two elderly, vulnerable women for financial gain before spending the proceeds from their crime on trainers and takeaway food.

"Paula Castles's subsequent death has had a devastating impact on her family and loved ones and I would like to pay tribute to the family for their courage during this deeply distressing time."

Victim impact statement from Paula Castle's daughter-in-law, Jane Castle: "It is always sad to lose a loved one but to lose one in such a horrific way such as our family did makes it so much more difficult to bear. Paula had coped in the last few years with the sudden death of her husband and her only child, Brian at the age of 51 years. She had also suffered a stroke.

"Paula overcame her stroke remarkably well despite her age; she was registered blind, and frail, despite all of this she was very independent and managed her house, garden, and shopping which we all thought was brave and admirable.

"It was of course coming back from shopping that she was callously attacked. We can only imagine how terrified she must have felt, and this does distress the family a great deal.

"With all that Paula had been through and survived in her life, the fact that she died in such appalling circumstances fills the family with great sadness, all of our memories of Paula, now and always will be overshadowed by her tragic death.

"I have still not come to terms with what has happened.

"Paula's late son had three children Edward, David and Charles. Paula was the last remaining link to their father. The boys have found it incredibly difficult to cope with the loss of their grandmother, who was taken so suddenly and brutally.

"They still mourn the loss of their grandmother. I am also finding it hard to come to terms with what has happened. I no longer travel past the scene as it is too painful.

"We were all very close to Paula, and I would speak to Paula on a daily basis and the boys would see their grandmother most weeks.

"Christmas 2012 was especially difficult as Paula was due to enjoy a family Christmas with her grandsons whom she doted upon, and they upon her. With Paula being taken so suddenly no one had a chance to prepare themselves for her death, and as a result Christmas was a very solemn and sad occasion for all.

"We all miss Paula very much."


9th May 2013



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