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Council 'giveaway' for those in CPZ

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Not content with plans to give council tax payers £50 each Ealing is now handing out free visitor parking vouchers.

Residents living in controlled parking zones (CPZs) across the borough will receive the vouchers together with a letter about a package of changes to Parking Services.

Residents will be able to apply for a permit, renew their permit or buy visitor vouchers online at

The new system uses people’s council tax reference number or existing permit number to check they live in a CPZ.

Drivers who receive a penalty charge notice (PCN) will now be able to pay the ticket via the council’s website or challenge the fine and keep track of how the case is progressing online. Drivers will be able to view pictures of their vehicle so they can see the evidence of the offence for themselves.

Every household will also receive a detailed guide, being distributed from this week, explaining where people can park in the borough, where they cannot and what to do if they are unsure.

A code of practice and annual report will be published in the autumn to allow residents to monitor the council’s performance.

Cabinet Member for Customer and Community Services, Councillor Phil Taylor, said: “We are introducing several improvements to make parking in the borough easier and fairer. It’s infuriating when you get a parking ticket, so we want to help motorists avoid getting fines. We hope the guide will make it clearer where people can and can’t park and the code of practice will allow people to hold us to account.”


July 29, 2009

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