Ealing Scrap Metal Dealer Hid Half a Million in Cash

Local man sentenced for tax evasion

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Dean Packman


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An Ealing scrap metal dealer who hid half a million pounds cash in Harrods deposit boxes has been sentenced for tax evasion.

Dean Packman, 52, of Hart Grove W5, admitted it was the profit from his scrap metal and shelving business, even though he hadn’t been licensed with the local authority to deal in scrap metal until January 2011.

The amount of tax evaded is estimated at £497,500 during 2003 to 2010.

The money was seized during a joint investigation by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and the Metropolitan Police.

At Isleworth Crown Court yesterday (20th Nov) Packman pleaded guilty to tax fraud and was sentenced to eighteen months in prison, suspended for two years, 200 hours community service and costs of £2,500. A confiscation order of £502,093 was granted and this has been paid.

Gary Forbes, Assistant Director, Criminal Taxes Unit, HMRC said:

“Dean Packman evaded paying tax for a substantial period of time, thinking he was above the law – he was wrong. He had no consideration for law-abiding taxpayers who pay what is due and now has a criminal record. We have also recouped over £500,000 from Packman’s criminal activities. HMRC will not stop its efforts to track down those who cheat the system.”


21st November 2013