Charities Urge Ealing to Spend £50 Cashback Wisely

Oxfam says money could pay for clean water, health care or education

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Oxfam is urging Ealing council tax payers to spend part of their £50 cash back on a gift from Oxfam Unwrapped this Christmas.

For anyone wondering how best to use their £50 windfall, Oxfam Unwrapped is very good value for money.

Every gift purchased helps Oxfam provide services that we in the UK take for granted, such as clean water, healthcare and education. As our own Council has raised more money than it needs this year, what better way to spend the surplus than on people and communities who lack the most basic facilities?

A health check-up, at £6.00, makes a contribution to health clinics in remote rural communities, and £9.00 will pay for safe water for 10 people. £17 could be targeted towards girls’ education, and £21 could buy a school desk and chair. The full £50 could pay for a toilet, including all the tools, materials and labour needed to build it.

The full range of gifts has something for everyone, from parents to animal lovers, bookworms to foodies, gardeners and DIY enthusiasts to eco- warriors.

This year Ricky Gervais has brought a touch of showbiz to Oxfam Unwrapped with the inclusion of an exclusive range of Flanimal gifts. Ricky’s gifts will help to raise money for areas of Oxfam’s work such as HIV/AIDS prevention and disaster preparedness, which can prove difficult to fund.

Ricky said: “Everyone thought Flanimals were useless – I did. But this year they’re helping Oxfam change the world. So thank you for helping these little guys make a difference.”

The Flanimals gifts are £20 each, leaving a full £30 over for treats for the family – such as luxury Fairtrade chocolates or Christmas cake (also available at Oxfam!)

Oxfam Unwrapped can be purchased at the Oxfam shop at 34 New Broadway, W5, the Oxfam Book and Music shops on Ealing Green, or online at


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November 18, 2009

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